Projects as Band Leader


The Samuel Blaser Quartet

The Players: Samuel Blaser (trombone), Russ Lossing (keys), Masa Kamaguchi (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums)

Samuel Blaser, a Swiss trombonist known for blending progressive postbop with early music, heads a tribute to the late, ever-stimulating jazz eccentric Jimmy Giuffre. The stellar lineup includes keyboardist Russ Lossing, bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Gerry Hemingay.

"The multi-verse theory of the universe holds that there are an infinite number of solar systems which contain every possible variation of our world. Even in an infinite array of systems, could we find a trombone player whose albums include a reinterpretation of Machaut, a portrait of Jimmy Giuffre, and now the country blues? I don’t think so. I think about Eric Dolphy playing along with Charlie Parker records, Schoenberg, “I am a student of Mozart,” and of course Monk’s distilled stride. In Samuel’s music we hear so many of our memories, reconsidered, reshaped. New and old at the same moment."  - Robert Sadin

+ Samuel Blaser Quartet Releases:

  • Early in the Mornin' (OutNote Records, 2018)
  • Spring Rain (Whirlwind Recordings, 2015)
  • As The Sea (Hatology, 2012)
  • Boundless (Hatology, 2011)
  • Pieces Of Old Sky (Clean Feed, 2009)
  • 7th Heaven (Between The Lines, 2008)

The Samuel Blaser Trio

The Players: Samuel Blaser (trombone), Marc Ducret (guitar), Peter Bruun (drums)
Samuel Blaser is a shooting star as a trombonist. A native of Switzerland who now regularly commutes between New York and Berlin, he is a musician who has internalized all that jazz history has produced and commands over a powerful musicality. Characteristic of his talent and ability is his pristine classical intonation and free improvisation.

Within his trio's sound, Samuel Blaser's smooth flowing lines can at times contrast sharply with guitarist Marc Ducret's harsher statements. A type of contrast that reminds us that tension and contradiction can be powerful elements within music and art. With their third man, the versatile percussionist Peter Bruun, they venture into bold territory combining familiar and unusual musical worlds to create a new sound experience.

+ Samuel Blaser TRIO Releases:

  • Taktlos Zürich 2017 (Hatology, 2018)

Samuel Blaser Solo

The Players: Samuel Blaser (trombone)

Trombonists like Albert Mangelsdorff, Conny Bauer, Paul Rutherford and George Lewis took the instrument to its limits, and each created a melodic concept that was entirely personal. However, to our knowledge, none of them really explored the impact of acoustics and motion on the music:
Das Raum ist das Kleid Der Musik (Kurt Blaukopf, Hexensprüche der Musik, Verlag Arthur Niggli, St Gallen/Wien, 1965/67).

Meeting Swiss producer Martin Ruch in 2012 at a recording session for the Austria-based project Transit Room completely changed Blaser´s perspectives. They decided to collaborate together, and Ruch introduced several crucial new ideas, including recording the entire album at Funkhaus on Nalepa-strasse in Berlin. The richness and variety of the room acoustics available at this studio complex offer an incredible laboratory for experimental recording.

The overall concept for this recording was to include motion as an extended form of expression, and to work exclusively with the existing, authentic spatialization.

+ Samuel Blaser Solo Releases:

  • 18 monologues élastiques (TBA, TBR)
  • Solo Bone (Slam Productions, 2008)


The Players: Samuel Blaser (trombone), Soweto Kinch (as), Michael Blake (ts), Alex Wilson (keys), Alan Weekes (g), Ira Coleman (bass) and Dion Parson (drums).

Ska has always been a source of inspiration for Samuel Blaser. Touched by the expressiveness of this style, the virtuoso and multi-faceted trombonist celebrates with this project the world greatest trombonist: Don Drummond, a Jamaican trombonist and composer who was one of the original members of The Skatalites.